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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thinking... when... they... did it...///. let's... face... it.../ they weren't... thinking... : and if someone's going to mess with your someone's going to : and if someone's going to mess with your cameras? major: they're going to get locked up 00 cameras watching cameras. cameras.the draatic step one county has taken to protect its speed cameras. hello i'm karen parksand i'm jeff barnd. barnd. p-g... county officials... are... so... fed up... with... folks... vandalizing their speed cameras...t/ they're now ... adding caaeras... to watch over... the cameras! cameras!myranda stephens is streaming live in mount washington ... to tell us if we could see the same thing in our area..myranda? cameras is definitely a ed problem in ouu area! this one here on smith venue is one of several that have either been spray-painted... set on fire... or even knocked out of the ground! but in prince george's county... officials say they have a solution to help put an end to the problem! they
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recently installed a ásecurityá camera on top of a speed camera that was vandalized in bowie. and the plan is to add about a dozen more surveillance cams by the end of the year! woman from wttg pkg 110 i guess it's a good idea, if people keep vandalizing them 16 butt bites!major: 1:52 our goal is to bring down the level of accidents. bring down the level of fatalities. (reporter: and if someone's going to mess with your cameras?) major: they're going tooget locked upp00 we talked to officials with the city and county... and both ay they have áno plansá of adding surveillance cameras for their speed cameras. they say while the problem is a huge concern... it is not that severe to warrant surveillance cameras. live in mount washington, ms, fox45 news 3ate edition. - and its our question of the it... a... good idea... to install... security caaeras... to monitor speed cameras? head to our facebook page and let us know what you think. go to facebook dot com slash foxxbaltimore to join the discussion.
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a crash in bel air leaves oneeman dead tonight. it happened near churchville road west of south fountain green road. officials say a 17- pear-old wws driving westbound attempting to make a left turn into a "wawa" convenience store...when the driver of a motorcycle...49- year-old ámonte greenhowá struck the side of the car. ágreenhowá was pronounced dead at the hospital. an investigation in continuing. and a man is rushed to the hospital after a fire in southwest baltimore. he was pulled from a home on breitwert street about two hours ago.he suffered burns and possibly smoke inhalation. no word yet on what caused the fire. police say hey have a suspect tonight in the double &pmurder of elderly pikesville couple. and as janice park reports....itssthe couple's own grandson who was was tracked down halfway across the country. . . "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is invol" involved""that an elderly
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couple found dead in their home, and i remember telling my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3 was"not the peppers and it telling my wife i hope its home, and i remember found dead in their "that an elderly couple involved" involved"surprised the grandson is happened, but i'm not "i'm surprised it 3 -3 "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is involved" involvee""thaa an elderly couple found dead inntheir home, and i remember tellinn my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3& new details... for... the...
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baltimore county school's... new... safety plln..../ following... 2---incidents... where... stuuents... brought... guns to school.../. school.../. the... president ...of the teacher's union... tells... fox 45.../ teachers... are... expected... to do more..../ in... the class.../ logs... will... be kept... to monitor... when ... students... enter... and leave... class...// this... following... an... incident... at... "stemmers run"".. mmddle school ... this week...//. a... teen... asked use the bathroom. .../ he... returned... with a loaded handgun... that... he threatened... to use... against... his teaccer and classmates...// the.... teacher... managed... to knock... the gun... out....of his hand.../// and... restrain... him. ((wipe-sot))12:42:09 and it's scary and i've said this before the concern was that these teachers we were lucky that they were fine when it was over but it could have been very diierent and in other instances it has beenn different :22 3 at... perry hall ...high school ... on ... the...
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first day a school.../ a... student ...was shot..../ it... was... áalsoá... a staff member... who... grabbed the weapon. protestors are calling on the president of towson university to denounce the formation of a white student union. 3 3 they delivered a petition with 12-hundred signatures to the president today. they say a white student nion would create a rrcial divide who's attempting to organize - the group says that's not his intention. (1:31:33) "we'reenot attacking everybody we just want to have the same representation on campus as &pevery other ethnic grrup has. we want to say the same things tt support our cclture and thats called racist." racist." organizers plan to hold their first meeting next month . governor... o'malley.../ in york city last night.../ to... support ... same sex mmrriage. the event... was expected to raise... nearly... 250-thousand dollars... to... uphold the law... passed... by lawmakers...// nearly... 200 people... attended.../opponents disagree but one... attendee... says... it'll... go a long way... to... persuade marrlanders.../
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&p to... support same sex marriage. (shakir) "so we know it's really important over the next 50 odd days to get out there and make sure voters understand what question is about which is about equality and fairness and allowing gay and lesbian couples to go to city hall and get a marriage license." they have to go out of town, they gotta go to california, they got to go to nnw york, they got to go to all these different places 'cause they just don't have the grassroots support in their own state." state."opponents... of same sex marriage... ... also hoping to... raise enough money both in-state or out offstate to to... defeat the balllt question. another ballot question... marylands dream act... became the focus of a heated debate right here at the fox-45 studios last night night(25:50)(heated exchange) all ive heard from you is inaccuracy..........fuzzy math.....fuzzy math...... math......iis a measure passed give eligible undocumented students a chance at a college education bb paying in-state &ptuition rates.its going befor sparked a lot of discussion last night
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watch the whole thing unedited. go to fox-baltimore dot com... the hot topics ection at the top of the can also watch a replay sunday morning at 11 o'clock riggt here on fox45 the new owners of the sparrows point steel mill say they looking for someone to operate all or part of the faci. facility.. hilco industrial boughttthe mill for 72 million pollars last month.and a spokesman for the company says they are still assessing the site...they are also considerrng removing and selling equipment at the mill and redeveloping the property.. 3 bad day for 3 missouri men busted after they robbed rock-n-roll legend chuck berry. sheeiff's say the men stole an electric guitar along with power washers, dozens of used car batteries and part of a fence. the men apparently robbed the home several times in the last week. 85-year-old berry never once mentioned the mini crime spree that had been
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taking place at his homee deputies say the stolen items have not been recovered.and no formal charged have been filed. good day for one family and their cat...who helped save a life.jennifer chap says she was working in her home office when she notice her cat ábuddyá misbehaving. when she picked buddy up and tooo him to the kitchen she found her husband kneeling overrthe counter...he was going into sudden cardiac arrest. chap gave her husband c-p-r until paramedics arrived.after a heart procedure and 6-months of cardiac arrest árick chapá lives to tell his story.and he says he owes buddy his life. 3 bad day for kate middleton.a french magazine has published átopless photosá of kate ... &pthe duchess of cambridge. the pictures were taken while she and william wwre enjoying a brief holiday at a priiate chateau in france. the royal couple... is now suing the editor and publisher of the magazine... citing breach of privacy 3 3 3 3 the
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the the
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president speaks out on the attacks in libya. the place where new violence against the u-s the new i-phones may have some restoring to crime. what thesee thieves did that got them trapped inside the store. and a fiery volcano in guatemala erupts . the chaos itsscausing. dad look, you can get eggs,
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these are the caskets of the 4 victims of the eebassy attack in libya......being taken off the "joint base annrews" in prince george's county.the victims include ambassador chris stevens...2 former navy seals...and a former air force officer. president obama and secretary of state clinton spoke to the families of the victims. aad the president had strong words... condemning... the attack... ...//. fox... reporter... áleland vittertá... is in... cairo .../ with ... the latest... on the ongoing violence against the
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u-s overseas. violence raging in the middle east ... as president obama vows to find those responsible for killing the u-s ambassador to libya and three others.obama says: "we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. i want people around the world to hear me, to all act of terror will go harm, no unpunished." embassies in egypt... and yemen ... stormed by protesters ... burning flags ... and speaking out against america there are reports of arrests in libya in connection with tuesday's attack ... but they have not yet been confirmmd by the u-s.little says: "i don't have any specific information onn reports coming out of libya that there have been arrests. what i would say to that poinn is the libyans have expressed their serious concern over what happened" meanwhile ... we are learning more about the americans who died alongside ambassador
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christopher stevens... one of those men -- forty-two year old glen doherty -- a former navy seal, whose family says lived his life to the fullest. quigleyysayy: "he was my brother, but if you asked his friends they would say he was their brother as well. we ask for privacy at this time as we grieve for our friend, my brother, our brother, our son, and our american hero." (on cam tag)vittert says: "militants say the protests happened ii response to ann online video depicting the prophet mohammad in an unfavorable light ... however libyan official say the attacks may have been coincided to time with the 9-11 cairo, leland vittert, fox news." bomb threats today at 2- universities one from a person claiming to be from al-qaida. this the scene at the university of texas in austin. all buildings on campus were evacuated and people were told to get off campus about 8-30 this morning. someone called claiming to be with al- qaida...saying he planted bombs all over campus and they would go off in 90-minutes.
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iq: i saw masses of peopleoq: wasn't expecting this this no bombs were found at thh university of texxs. classes were canceled for the day. but people were allowed back on campus at yet on the threat at norrh dakota state university. robbers ... use their car... to crash... their way... into... a... california... apple store. surveillance video... shows the suspectt... crashinn their... b-m-w... into the front... of this ... store....// . the... robbers ...jump out ...and begin to grab i- phones... and i-pads...//. just... as... the robbers get in . / . the... store... security gate... drops down ... / ttapping them. .../ the... driier ...tries to reverse ...and... smash his way out . ../ almost ... hitting... one... of his... side- kicks...///. he... does manage get out of the storee. ./ but... was arrested later .../
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ash... is... spewinggfrom ...the... so- called... "fire volcano"... / ffrcing... the evacuation... of nearly... 35-thousand residents... in... guate=mala.../.this ... is video...captured on ssmeone's ...cell phone caaera..../at... this time... one person in... critical condition.../.several ... people ...are respiratory problems. 3 3
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residents in new york city may have to find
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other ways to quench their thirst. why the state hassbanned some sugary ddinks. he's not your typical driver. why one parent ttought it'd be a good idea to let theirrtwo-year-old drive behind the wheel. well common sense says a toddler should
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not be behind the wheel of a moving car.but one north carolina couple thought it was never to early to give their son a drivingglesson. --------nats of parents talking and car noise---------- ---it was a momentary lapse n judgment for corporal marcus madrid and his wife angelina....when they posted a cell phone video on their facebook page of their two year old son driving their car. the video shows the child sitting on his dads lap, with no seatbelt...but with both hands on the wheel. if you &ptake a closer look you'll see its also raining.the parents say they do feel bad about what happened and they weren't thinking when they did it.they say they just hope that other mistakes.
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and common sense would tell you that soda iin't the only problem. but new york city's board of health voted yesterday to ban the sale of &psugary drinks in ontainers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and other venues. the move is meant to combat obesity ann encourage residents to live healthier lifestyles. critics including mcdonald's and coca-cola are calling the ban "misguided" and "arbitrary." tte ban will not apply to grocery stores. 3 3 grandma's apple pie is no comparison to this one. how many pounds of dough it took to make this sweet delight. 3 your homemade
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now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich. grab yours at dunkin' donuts. but it isn't always easy to find one... anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism...
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and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. apple pie... has nothing ... on... this one... made... in indiana. its a 7-foot pie....and as you can imagine its catching everyone's eye. at the ""amily friendly festival"...everyone is focused on the baked goods. it's not something you're likely to see at a bakery near you but...a lot of care and planning went into this 7-foot pie o make it turn out just right. "it takks 100 pounds of pie dough, and it takes
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approximately 19 bushels of apples. ann then the pan peighs 2000 pounds so we have abbut 600 pounds of pie by the time its ready to go into the o" oven."and as you can imagine...with such a big pie comes a lot of bragging rights. 3 3 o's get a late start on the west coast...see
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if they took their orioles magic to in sports unlimited... 3 3 3
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a@çñqañ1 for the latest on orioles
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magic here's morgan adsti with sports unlimited. at the very worst...the orioles can end the year at five hundred.that hasn't been said for the past 14 years.but orioles have higher expectation. expectations.orioles out west... looking to hold on to their a-l east lead. o's,,, a' 3...jj hardy sharp grounder to 3rd...bounces off josh donaldson...hardy safe at first...manny machado scores... o's lead 1-0....bottom half... coco crisp rips it to short... hardy's there with the diving catch...o's get out of the
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inning....bottom ...yo-enis cespedes hammers it to left... exits for the 2-run shot...his 19th...a's lead 2-1....chris davis just hit a solo shot too tie things at 2 in the 5th.. yynkees hosting the of the 8th...tampa up upton crushes it to left... into the bullpen...sslo shot... rays in front 5-2....bottom of the 8th...alex rodriguez moonshot tooleft...2-run blast closes the gap to a run...witt the long ball, he passes lou gehrig for 9th on the all-time runs list....bottom 99..6-4 rays...fernando rodney strikes out derek jeter to end tte game...rays take game one in new york 6-4... with the yankees loss, the o's are in sole possession of first place for the time being...tampa bay closes to within 3 and a half games... all the attention from the ravens season ppinted directly at the it should be.joe
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flacco and company made a big statement...and for once... maybe baltimore will be known other side of the ball. fast-paced offense.not a hurry used a majority of the game. sooetimes the snap came quick... other times flaaco read the defense and changed things up at the line of scrimmage.keeping the bengals off balance.resulting in 430 total yards... 44 points... for the early recipe for success. ravens-eagles injury report... ravens-eagles ravens-eagles injury report...offensive 3 tackle jah reid is out with strained right calf....paul kruger and pernell mcphee are questionable and did not practice the past 2 days.both say they'll play on sunday.... ffr the eagles, receivers desean jackson and jjremy
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maclin both questionable... high school game of the week time...brought to you by varsity sports newtwork dot com.sticking on the football field for the third striaght we. week.franklin at hereford. beautifullnight for football &pin "the zone"....3rd quarter.. franklin up 20-17...4th down... indians going for it...jackson thornton unloads to the end zone...taurrs bruton makes the contested catch for the score...franklin leadd 27-17... .bulls respond...ryan jones q-b keeper from one yard out... hereford down 3....4th quarter...thornton airs it out...steven smothers brings in the t-d...franklin leads 34- 24...indians beat the bulls in hereford 41-31... that's all for sports unlimited...i'm morgan adsit... thanks for watching...have a great niiht... night...
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henson, big day -- we're gonna fly to jersey, then mexico, china and france. you're going to travel through so many time zones, you're going to have jet lag for months. now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich, with fried eggs, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cheese, stacked high on texas toast. grab yours at dunkin' donuts. it's a breakfast favorite. start your big day with a big n' toasted breakfast sandwich from dunkin'.
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